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Recently created a new Blog? Are you Looking for Good Traffic in your new Blog? Want your Keyword to rank better in SERP? In this article, I am going to explain something different which will Boost your Blog Traffic on the very next time Google Crawl Your Website. Thousands of Blog are there which will tell you to Create Quality Backlinks. That’s true. Quality Backlinks matters a lot. If you have Great Unique Content and some High-Quality Backlinks, no one can stop you to became King on the SERP. Yes, you can Loot a Huge amount Traffic to your Blog in no time.

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High-Quality Backlinks that you need

Some questions come when we say about High-Quality Backlinks.

  • Where will you find High-Quality (HQ) Backlinks?
  • Which Backlinks do you need most for better ranking?

No Worry. I am going to explain you the best method to get the most proper HQ Backlinks for your Blog. We will be using Alexa Tool to Steal Your Competitors Backlinks. Not only a Backlinks would help you. It should also match your Blog Niche for more effective result. For Example, if you have an SEO Niche Blog, and you are making Backlinks on an Android Forum (like forum.xda-developers.com), it will be of no use. Also, you will simply get ZERO incoming clicks. So the best way is to Steal your Competitors Backlinks. Alternately, you can get a Domain of 5.6K+ Readymade Backlinks that can Boost your Blog within some hours.

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Steal Competitors Backlinks (HQ)

Let’s Start the tutorial here:

Step 1: Go to this Alexa Tool and Enter Your Blog URL.

NOTE: If your Blog is too new, and you even don’t have a single Backlink, then try to consider others Blog of the same Niche is having at least 900,000 or above Alexa rank.

I am going to explain you by an example of my friend’s Blog (iftiSEO).

Step 2: Scroll down, and you will find this tab: “What sites are related to iftiseo.com?

New Blog Traffic

You will be getting Similar Websites by Audience Overlap Data. Similar Websites means these websites are similar to your site and having rank nearly same as you. You might be thinking about why I am considering the same site? Because, if you consider High Authority Blog (like ShoutMeLoud), you may not get backlinks.

Alexa Only shows the top Five Quality Backlinks of a Blog (for non-registered free version). 90% Chances of top Five Backlinks from a High-Authority Blog are Paid or Added manually by some Admins. So your time may get waste if you go for finding what the ShoutMeLoud (for example) doing.

Step 3: Click on Number 1 Option. Here in my case, it is Betterinfoview.com

Scroll down, and you will find “What sites link to betterinfoview.com?” tab. It will show Total Sites Linking In and top Five Quality Backlinks Source.

New Blog Traffic Guide

You will find the Page links from where your competitor is gaining more Google Link Juice in SERP Ranking. Now one more tool you need is “Cleverness.” It’s not a Blogging tool. It’s a Tool which should be installed in your Brain. I think you got it, Right?

Let’s take an example of the 2nd site from the above screenshot. The Author of Betterinfoview has commented on the ShoutMeLoud Post.

Now it’s your Turn. Do the same for all the links so that you will get your comment approved and get a Fresh High-Quality Backlink from High Authority Blogs (ShoutMeLoud as an Example). But Keep in mind, not to Spam with any medium.

Backlinks From Author Profile

On Performing the above-mentioned Stealing Technique, you will find not only Backlinks from Blog Commenting but also some Author Profiles. It’s Highly Recommended not to miss any Author Profile Backlink as this will give you very High-Quality Link Juice. Let’s take an example to clarify you better. Considering iftiSEO again:

New Blog Traffic Guide

Gravatar.com is giving a Stunning Active Link Juice to iftiSEO. Do not miss it! Hurry and make an Account on Gravatar, add your Data as well as Homepage Link in the Same way iftiSEO did.


Do not make more than one Backlink in a single post comment to prevent from any Penalty. Read our Blogging Story to know why you should be very careful about making Backlinks.


I have only explained the Basic Idea of Getting Perfect High-Quality Backlinks for your Blog. Apply the same idea of different Blogs you found and Rank your Blog Up in the very next time Google Crawl your Website/Blog.  If you make Fresh and Quality Backlink using our technique without spamming, we are sure nobody can stop you to become HERO in Google Ranking.

Saeed Ashif Ahmed

Originally from India, 18 years old entrepreneur who writes on various topics like Online Earning, Content Marketing, Blogging and a lot more.

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Conor - April 25, 2017

Great Post mate 🙂

hazel kumar - April 26, 2017

Do you have any specific list that we can refer forhigh qualiyy of backlinks???

Husen Memon - April 27, 2017

Great trick man!! Waiting for some more websites list from where we can get backlinks easily.

    Saeed Ashif Ahmed - April 27, 2017

    Hi Husen Memon
    Thank You. Shortly, we are going to post an article to get Quality Backlinks easily. Stay Tuned!

bridgettekt - April 30, 2017

Que interlocutores buenos:)

Niladri Chatterjee - July 7, 2017

Superb post buddy! Really enjoyed reading it 🙂


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