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Going to buy a new domain for your Blog? Alternatively, Looking for a Custom Domain? Just Wait – and read below! Don’t Simply Buy a New Useless Domain. I have some Proven Method for you that can make your Blog to Jump above the line that you have never imagined. Yes, even if you have a new Blog, you can Rank your Blog Up within 48 hours as mentioned in the title. I am going to uncover my personal experience about the following case:

  1. How I got all my post Indexed on Google Search?
  2. How I Ranked Top with Keywords on the Second day of Starting this Blog?

Case Study of Midsummerr

We had begun Midsummerr 3 days ago. On the First day, I posted Two Articles. Next morning, I Saw both are Ranking at the Top of SERP with some Keywords. One of the Article was about SEO Technique which is widely available in the various old Blogs on the Internet. Still, I Ranked at the Top of Google Search with this Keyword:

Traffic Loot Technique

Traffic Loot Technique

Amazing, Right? Well, No Over Excitement. I am going to Decode the Secret behind it with which you can become a HERO in the World of Blogosphere.

Secret Behind Ranking

The Domain of MidSummerr is ( which I Registered on April 23, 2017, on NameCheap. Do you think this is a Brand New Domain for my Blog?

This is a 12 Years Old Recently Expired Domain having High Authority (PA/DA) with 5490 +52 Backlinks. This Domain already has Good Reputation in front of Google.  53% of Backlinks are High-Quality Dofollow which gives Decent Active Link Juice that can Boost your Blog within some hours. Even a New Blog will not take more than two days for getting well indexed on the Google Search. Let’s have a look at the Ahrefs Data of our three days old registered Domain.

Expired Domain

Looking Great, Right? This is the reason why we got Huge Traffic Hit on the Second day of a newly opened Blog. If you are unaware about Expired Domain, let me elaborate you a bit.

What Are Expired Domains?

When a website owner decides that keeping the site up is no longer profitable – or they are simply unable to renew the domain name – it becomes expired, and can be bought by someone else.

While, for some people, these domains have no practical value, if you are knowledgeable about different ways to get traffic to your website, you will find that many of these domains are just waiting to become your very own personal gold mine.


Advantage of Expired Domain

One SEO related question which is often asked throughout webmaster forums is how much Expired Domain registration age is important for SEO. The points behind this issue include:

Domain Age that Matters

If your Domain age is Good, you will get more priority on SERP (ONLY when you will Create Quality Content). Old domains may carry more weight due to their past records (i.e. old backlinks pointing to them) – this can be a good point to consider

Reputation and web ranking factors

If you buy a New domain, it will take a year long to get a Good Reputation. Find a Powerful Expired Domains so that you will get the readymade reputation for better web ranking.

Existing Backlinks

We got 5.49K +52 Backlinks from some High Authority Site. These will certainly help for better ranking. You will find significant changes, even if you plan to change your existing Domain using a 301 redirection. This redirection will pass “link juice”. You will get a quick bump in rankings.

Existing incoming traffic

You may get some real incoming traffic from Old Backlinks or Search Results. However, remember, every existing incoming traffic will be “Page Not Found” (Except Homepage). Make sure to create a Custom 404 Error Page, so that the visitor could navigate to other content.

Precaution for Buying Expired Domain

It is a good idea to implement an Expired Domain correctly on your Blog/Website! You need to check few things before redirecting to an Expired Domain.

  • Verify that there is no Manual Penalty to this domain

Verify it through Google Webmaster Tool.

  • Check the backlinks of the domain.

You can use or Moz Explorer for Checking backlinks

  • Domain Should not be victim of any Penguin update
  • Check if the domain is indexed
  • Check the anchor profile of the domain – too spammy means it would affect your current site’s anchor profile and possibly penalize it

View the site via and make sure it was a good site. Spam/Porn/hacked sites will probably do more harm than good.

Also, the best 301 strategies would be to link individual pages to specific new pages on your site. You should focus on the pages that have external backlinks and do a catch-all redirect to the homepage for the remainder.

Be Careful! Redirecting this domain without above verifications could lead to further trouble!

Buy Powerful Expired Domains from MidSummerr

Clean WayBack: All domains has only been used only once, the sole owner itself.
Auction Domains: All domains are aged & from auction –not scrap & shit.
High-Quality Contextual Links: Each domain has high-quality contextual links from authority websites.
Clean Backlink Profile: 100% natural link profile. No domain have manual link building done.
Anchor text ratio: None of the domains would have any manipulation done in anchor texts. All links are natural.
Google Indexed: All domains indexed over Google.
Registered: All domains are registered which will be forwarded to your Account after payment.

Order Expired Domain Now

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