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Google launches Mobile Friendly Update, the biggest Google algorithmic update ever.

A delightful day, turned into the most dreadful one for the marketers and bloggers, since when Google launched its first Panda Algorithm on 11th Feb 2011, we can well term it as a nightmare.

To begin with Google Panda Algorithm, it is a long term change which involves several updates that are being launched under the supervising of Matt Cutts, Head of Google Web Spam Team, which has started back in February 2011, and unfortunately, no one ain't predicted when it will be finished. The major target is those that of the spammy sites along with links are being figured and smashed out.

In short, it focuses on improving on-page optimization of a site to give the best experience for both Google and your site readers, yet Over Optimization can lead to Google Penalization.

Google Updates Algorithm

Being good for some, have been evil to some sites whose publishing low-quality articles for ranking purposes. It’s well known that Google Updates are is quite new, but it doesn’t mean that everybody has figured it out. Unlike what SEOs say, it is quite hard to figure it out that you have been penalized by Google or not, and what you can do about it.

But, is it a big update? Doesn't seem so.

Search Engine Land terming it to be a soft and gentle update where Google is refreshing their data to adapt some new changes in their algorithms. It is believed that this update is going to impact 7.5% English Queries.

Google Survival Tips:

Although it is quite and calms update, where it is believed that you ain’t going to get a huge penalty if you are publishing low-quality contents, as because it’s just a data refresh. However, it is better to take remedies for this disease.

From past few days, I do have found an improvement in my search queries, and to have ranked over some competitive keywords which are more or less impressive. I wasn’t actually aware of Google Updates, but when I go through Matt Cutts update, I got the answer.

Some features of Google Algorithm

  1. Any Google Update, penalize and down overall ranking of the low-quality site.
  2. Till yet, only a few have been successfully recovered from this algorithm.
  3. On-Page Optimization is an essential factor.
  4. Being specific to the contents is important, rather than generic terms.
  5. Google+ is an important part and Social bookmarking works great too.

#1- Write Quality Articles:

Old school fact Quality is the king, and yes, it actually works. The more you write, the better it is. Google taking it as a majority, content plays an important role in which they can easily determine the difference between an authority and a bad site.

A quality article comprises of valuable details, which make a sense and isn't something crap to read. It is an article which solves the problem of the reader who is reading it, it is an article which inspires someone, and it is the one which Inspires other.

Dominate Google

Don't just write to rank, perhaps write to inspire. Write to learn, write to tell.

Let Matt Cutts praise you, as because you are a leader to those thousand of readers. Write something valuable, and you can rank higher in Google easily.

There's a difference between a Top 10 and a How-to guide. Suppose, if I'd wrote an article of 5 Tips to Survive Google Algorithms, then I'd just write those 5, nothing else. Which marks an end to the topic when the five points are over. At the same time How To Dominate Google Search, is something which can help your readers to know more and more about it.

Writing a Quality Article Summary

  1. Write longer articles Maintaining the quality of it.
  2. Write to inspire Have a unique style.
  3. Write to solve queries The reader must say, Yes, this article is good.

#1.1 Target Your Readers

If you are yet confused, on the earth, whom you are serving then it’s actually not good.

If you actually want to lay an impact into this blog-o-sphere, then the first mission you need to complete is Finding the right audiences for your blog.

1) For instance, you are a cook of a big restaurant. Among the people, almost 30% are returning customer, and 70% are new to it. So, the first mission of yours (as a cook), is giving them the best taste what they like and perhaps they will be impressed with it and will return.

2) Let’s continue with a cook (as an example); a person is telling you to make a great recipe which he’d like. But, you aren’t aware the person is vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and mistakenly you haven’t yet asked what he is. Then you served him tasty, spicy non-veg food, and later you came to know that he’s vegetarian. What will be his and your reaction?

First and foremost, you do have a loss, and secondly, you got your customer angry. Nothing else.

The second example that I have given is entirely similarly to your blog. You are going on contributing articles on your blog which are based on Blogging and SEO. Then I’m quite sure your readers aren’t much interested in cricket and perhaps, you just make a big mistake by promoting much about cricket, rather than blogging.

Solution If you are new to blogging, go with a particular niche not multi-niche to be more accurate to your readers.

Remove Low-Quality Contents:

You might have known the mistake you are doing, but wait.

Have you removed those that of the low-quality contents which you have written earlier?

If no, you are making a terrible mistake. Google is taking low-quality materials very seriously, and perhaps the best way to solve this is work on those articles which you have written earlier, or else you can at least work on the length of it. Try extending it with several more points and information which do help you interlinking the old articles with a new one.

If you have been penalized by any Google Update, then I'd recommend you highly to adapt the new SEO changes to rank you higher in search engines and make changes on your old content frequently to enhance your performance.

Have a close watch through Google Analytics, and do check which articles having more than 80% Bounce Rate, work more and more on them, and try to lower it.

Other Factors To Keep in Mind:

Well, I do have laid few of the things that need to be considered essential part for Dominating in Google SERP. However, there are several other factors to know and apply, and they are:

1. Remove all the copied contents: Until and unless you remove the low-quality and copied contents from your blog, the possibility of getting your blog recovered won't be completed. So, find and destroy all the deleted contents. You can later on use URL canonicalization to redirect your links for bots. Also, use a robot.txt file to stop the bots to unnecessary index contents from your blog.

2. Learn SEO Optimization: Your future will be unpredictable if you don't learn SEO. Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, is a good practice to improve your SERP visibility and enhance your ranking. Comprised of two-part, On-Page, which consists of Keyword optimization, Contents, Meta tags, Robot.txt, .htaccess, plugin configuration (if WordPress hosting), etc. and Off-page, which consists of Backlinks, Social Media Shares, Social Bookmarking, etc.

3. Use SEO Friendly Theme: Apply a theme, which is reliable, less fancy, clean, optimized, fast, and easy to navigate. If you are on WordPress, then you may opt for either Genesis or Thrive, or you can even hire a guy to design a custom theme for you. Don't forget to take in consideration of its loading speed, compress the scripts, etc.

4. Social Media Promotion: If you're willing to spread your contents everywhere then Social Media comes at the first. Target mostly on Google+ as because of its own by Google itself, and taking in the majority of social signals it is believed that Social Media plays a significant role in ranking as well as in recovering your site.

5. Build Backlinks, but don't spam: Traditionally, backlinks provide an important role in ranking. It can also be used as a powerful weapon to led into the battle between you and Google. Build links from authority sites, social bookmarking, forums, profiles, and I'm confident that you can rank higher in search engines.

Google Algorithms are just a set of rules that Google programmed to kick-off the websites who are using it for the sake of building massive links and rank. But, on the other hand, you can take full advantages of it by following those rule as because Google doesn't manually update its algorithm but an automatic program which frequently changes.

You can either have a rank boost or even a drop. Remember Life is like a roller coaster, there's up and downs, but it is only you who might have the courage to ride it or not, similarly, have courage and faith in yourself, and be the change.

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Let us know if you are improving your Blog Traffic by following our methods. What steps did you take to improve and dominate your blog in Google Search Result? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you.

Summary Article

Name: Dominate Google

Here's How You Can Dominate Google in Search Results, stay on the TOP with a set of new rules to deal with. Know, how you can survive the Google algorithm and improve your blog.

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