SEO for eCommerce Sites (with No Skills, and No Budget)

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Do a research and determine: What makes a successful business stand apart from their competitors? Is it that they are giving more flexible shipping, or is it that their product is better than those that of their competitors.

There it can be many answers for it, but what I mainly mean is: What makes an online e-commerce website stand apart? (I would like to repeat the term online).

On audits, you would find that most the successful industry experts use a tactic that is called SEO optimization to boost their market.


Well, you may have a question arise anytime (you may either use the comment section to ask me the doubts, in case if I have skipped it).

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SEO is a long term practice to affect the search engine ranking, SERP (search engine rank placement) in short, and to get higher exposure to their products through search engines. With over billion of searches performed every single minute, it is crucial for an online business to practice and master over this art.

eCommerce SEO

Moreover, in this article, I have broken down the eCommerce SEO and drive maximum potential audiences. Do read it thoroughly, as because I have likely shared some case studies through which people had grown their business tremendously by practicing SEO optimization in their business marketing strategy.

Three tactics to use for SEO on the e-commerce site

Link Building- Getting natural links for an e-commerce store site is probably like a nightmare.


Nobody likes to link to a site which sells a product, until and unless it has something magnificent. Aint it?

So the question arises: How am I going to build links to my e-commerce site either? Follow the below strategical tactics that I and probably other SEO experts use to create links to such sites.

Leverage Your Efforts

Leverage your business bond

These days, almost every businesses, startup, have an online presence. Rip off the benefit of it, ask for a link back from the sites with whom you are associated with. May it be your supplier, manufacturer, or dealer either. Approach for a link back, but make sure you are not going to a side wide link (link from the sidebar, it is harmful). Just a backlink from the homepage would be crucial for your eCommerce SEO.

Leverage your personal bond

You have friends right; you have colleagues, family, or even mentors. If they have a blog, or site either, it is easier to get a backlink from them than that of the strangers. Ask for linking your site back; you would see growth in your overall stats.

Leverage your personal assets

Suppose if you have a blog or micro niche sites then you can even link back to your e-commerce site. A backlink from the homepage is good enough then getting penalized by allowing to link back from the sidebar.

Find Outdated, Expired, or Moved Resources

This can be crucial for your branding, and even in eCommerce SEO Optimisation.

In this busy world, people do not care about you until and unless you give some benefit or adds value to the other person.

Moreover, in this, you are going to approach someone else to link you back in return of making their site better.

Don’t assume the expired domain to be deleted permanently (i.e. 404), and they hook you up with a creative idea that your competitors are not aware of.

Use extensions (for the browser) like Check My Links. Find resources and upon your audit, if you find any broken links, forward a mail concerning that along with an approach to link your content back that is related to something similar.

On-Page Optimisation

If you are hooked and is looking for a tactical strategy to improve your conversation and sales, then on-page optimization is critical for your online business.

What happens is:

There are millions of article with a concept of Free SEO advice or something similar but far less which meet the needs of e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Homepage SEO

Homepage, or to be called the main page, is the page which is given more emphasis by the online marketers, entrepreneurs and leverage most their budget for getting highest possible ROI.

While it is the definite page of your site generating greatest attention, it is not so that you leverage most in it as compared to that of others. It’s said Optimise your pages, along with the homepage as well that is how successful marketers work.

Few key thing, you would be required to optimize

Homepage title tag

Homepage title tag, or simply as SEO title, is the most crucial part of the site which needs to be optimized to get the maximum benefit from the search engines.

It should not just include your business name say, Online Venture, but along with your main keyword phrases that you are targeting. It should be in such way that it is appealing to the search visitors, as they will see it in the search engine rank placement (SERP).

For example, as I’ve said let’s assume your company to be Online Venture, with keyword Referral Marketing.  So what you’re going to so is, smartly convert it into a search-engine friendly title.

For example, Learn Referral Marketing with, not just it consist your main keyword, but also it represents your brand.

Moreover, make sure, it is not above 60 characters (or else, if would be sliced off automatically).

Homepage meta description

The homepage meta description, although not by being something that worth off in term of SEO, plays a significant role in grabbing users attention towards your site. It is a 160 character short description of your site with your main keyword phrases typed in.

Product Page Optimisation

Product pages are crucial for an online e-commerce site. So it’s essential as a webmaster to optimize the product page. As soon as people when searching any term related to your site, they’d probably be headed towards your product, ain’t it. So that is how your product page too plays a significant role in search engines.

Here’s how:

Product Name: Just like the preceding homepage title tag, the product name is important. Usually, it’s used as the title as well this is why you are asked to use some common search terms related to your product in the title.

For if your e-commerce store product is door glass, and if you add the term in the title, it’d automatically be shown in the permalink as well (i.e.

Product Description

An important element for your on-page optimization product description. Google usually takes the product description and use it as meta description (if not specified specifically). However, in most the cases meta description does not help you to rank higher.

It shows when people share it on social sites like Facebook, Pinterest. So, it’s advisable to make the first sentence of your product page as a summary so a search engine can take that in as a description.

Over to you

Search engine optimization is a long-term process, and you’d not actually see growth within few hours (yes). It takes time, as well as hard efforts. You are required to spend hours in researching for good keywords that specifically target your audiences.

The tactic I have shared over in this article eCommerce SEO is really crucial for your online business. Make sure, that you’re applying these methods on your next product that you’re launching or else you may edit it too (not an issue).

And that is how you can do SEO for e-commerce sites, like a Boss!

Saeed Ashif Ahmed

Originally from India, 18 years old entrepreneur who writes on various topics like Online Earning, Content Marketing, Blogging and a lot more.

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