The ONLY 3 Reason You Don’t Get Search Engine Traffic

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MidSummerr shares with you despite writing contents most frequently why don’t you receive much search engine traffic to your website. Read this article to figure out the ONLY 3 reasons behind it.

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By the Way, even crappy contents rank at 1st page, so it’s sure something is missing!

Who else wants to get more website traffic? Are you struggling to increase your website search traffic? If yes, this post is exclusively for you.

We all know website traffic is the lifeblood of any blog that makes money.

There’s only one way to outrank your competitors and that is to dominate Google search results to bring massive traffic to your blogs. Without getting the organic traffic you won’t get any sales or leads.

If you’re not paying attention to increasing your website traffic, you will be losing a lot of money on the table. Without getting more traffic, writing posts daily is a waste of time. Your blog goes nowhere if you are not receiving the traffic it deserves.

3 Reason You Don't Get Search Engine Traffic

Here we will discuss 3 major reasons your blog or website is not generating any traffic and what you can do about it to boost your blog traffic.

Reason 1: Identify and recover from Google penalties

If you are struggling to increase your website search traffic or seeing any decrease in your traffic, you might hit by any Google penalty.

We all know Google rolls out frequent updates and various algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc to give a better experience to its search users. If you have a thin content website or bad links pointing to your sites, you are very much prone to getting hit by any of these Google updates.

So first make sure to identify whether your site is penalized by Google updates or not.

Here are few factors that will confirm your site is penalized

  • Sudden drop in your website traffic
  • Search results are not showing up properly
  • Struggling to increase website traffic

You can also use few Google penalty checker tools like Fruition to know if your site is hit by any Google algorithm update.

Important note: Google already rolled out an important algorithm called “Google’s mobile-friendliness update” that have a significant impact on your website traffic from mobile devices. Please have a look at this detailed guide that explains how to recover from the latest mobile-friendly update from Google.

Reason 2: Not focusing on building incoming links

Trust me; Google bots give Quality Links high priority. If you want to increase your search rankings for any keyword, you need to build links.

By having Quality and Authority links, it becomes much easier for you to rank for almost any keyword. Most people don’t get any search traffic because they don’t focus on building links.

If you are doing the same mistake, you will probably never see any traffic growth on your websites. Make sure to build incoming links to your sites if you want to boost your organic traffic.

Here are few effective link building strategies that help you increase your overall website search traffic.

Blogger outreach is the most effective strategy to attract links from others. You need to find out a way to reach out other bloggers in your niche to get links from them. Don’t sound like salesmen when approaching for links and don’t beg them for links. Make sure to frequently link to their sites before seeking for their help.

Link Building Strategies

Create content that naturally attracts links. Few articles always deserve links from all over the blogosphere. If you observe any popular blog in your niche, the most popular posts get a lot of incoming links for a reason. The content of these posts will often be top notch and they provide huge value to the readers. So create content that is engaging and useful.

Guest blogging is the evergreen link building strategy. But instead of considering it as a way to build links, use guest blogging for build relationships. Once you grow relationships with other bloggers through your guest posts, you will automatically attract incoming links whenever your post something awesome on your blogs.

Pro tip: Focus on building links from trusted sources such as authority websites or top blogs in your niche. You can also use guest blogging for the same. The key here is to first build connections with the influential bloggers, then pitch them your guest post. Make sure your guest posts are top notch and include a lot of details.

Reason 3: Keyword research is missing

Most beginners don’t get any search traffic to their blogs because they don’t use any keywords on their posts. They always end up writing posts that don’t contain any primary keywords.

What’s the point of writing contents day in and day out if search engines don’t find your web pages? If you are not using keywords on your blog posts, you will never get organic traffic. By creating keyword rich contents you will attract more visitors from search engines.

Keyword research is perhaps the only way to increase your site traffic. Find and start using “buyer keywords” aka long tail keywords in your posts to increase your website search traffic.

And you don’t have to stuff your pages with the same keywords, make sure you are using primary keywords that are informative. By placing your keywords in the prominent places including title tags, meta description, image alt tags etc you will attract more search traffic.

Also, make it a habit of using long tail keywords on your blog posts as they often give you more traffic. Long tail keywords (like “SEO tips for beginners”) tend to give you more traffic compared to short tail keywords (like “SEO tips”) because they have less competition.

Final thoughts about increasing website search traffic

For many bloggers, increasing website traffic from search engines is the hardest part. Increasing your organic traffic is not a rocket science if you know your blog objectives and follow Google-friendly guidelines mentioned in the post.

Make sure to always focus on readers instead of bots when writing your blog posts. Also, start attracting natural incoming links to your websites if you want to rank higher in Google search results.

So what are your thoughts about this post? If you liked this, please share it with others? Do you have more traffic generation tips, please share them in the comments section.

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