Ultimate List of Affiliate Programs and Ideas to Earn Money – High Paying

Howdy, business is increasing at a fast speed, and Bloggers are favoring Affiliates over Adverts. Also, with this particular comes into a remarkable chance for people in this business. (affiliate program ideas)

Try out different approaches detailed below, and locate your active method. Nevertheless, I’ve discussed all these keys of Affiliate marketing here, which assisted me to bring in about $9000/month from my site.

Why is Affiliate Programs the Most Effective Approach to Make Money Online?

Online Affiliate Marketing is among the earliest types of advertising, you refer someone to any online product and when an individual purchase the merchandise based on your advice; you are going to get a commission from it. This payment amount varies from $1 to $10000, according to what product you’re promoting and recommending.

Now, the most common question is: How companies track the record of who is sending the traffic and who is making sales. The simple answer is tracking URL, which is a unique link given to you by affiliate company or product company, which is used to keep track of all the traffic and sales you are making via your Website or other promotion techniques.

Affiliate Program Ideas

Many old fashioned Affiliate programs, let a buyer add the Email or referral details, which is also accounted for affiliate sales, but certainly not the best way to track progress.

Many online companies which sales product like Shoes, Webhosting space or any online service offers an affiliate program. You can go ahead and sign up for the program and get your unique tracking link. Now, whenever you are writing about the product, you can only use unique tracking affiliate link to recommend the company’s site, and if your readers buy anything, you will get a commission out of it.

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Every affiliate programs have their set of Terms of Standards (TOS). For example, many of them offer 60 days cookie period, that means, if a visitor uses your unique affiliate link to land on the sales page of the site and instead of buying today, he buys in next 60 days, you will be entitled to the sale income.

Some of the common terms associated with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates: Publisher like you and me who are using affiliate program links to promote and make the sale.

Affiliate marketplace: There are many marketplaces like Shareasale, CJ, Clickbank, which works as a central database for affiliate programs in the different niche.
Affiliate Software: Software is used by companies to create an affiliate program for their product. Ex: iDevaffiliate.

Affiliate link: Special tracking link offered by your affiliate program to track the progress of your affiliate promotion.

Affiliate ID: Similar to the Affiliate link, but, in this case, many affiliate programs offer a unique ID, which you can add to any page of the product site with XYZ affiliate ID.

Payment mode: Different affiliate program offers a different method of payment. For ex: Check, Wire transfer, Paypal and much more.

Affiliate Manager: Many companies have dedicated affiliate manager to help publishers and make them earn more and give them optimization tips.

Commission percentage/amount: The amount or percentage of sales amount you will be getting an affiliate income from every sale.

2 Tier Affiliate Marketing: This is a great way of making money from an affiliate program. In this, you recommend others to join affiliate programs, and you will get a commission out of it when sub-affiliate make sales. More like MLM (Multi-level) marketing. Also popularly known as Sub-affiliate Commission.

Landing pages: A single product sales or demo page to increase the sales. Most of the programs that you will be promoting, they have many landing pages, and you can run A/B testing to see which converts more for you. Custom Affiliate Income/ account: Unlike a general affiliate account, many companies offer custom affiliate income to people making most affiliate sales for them.

Link Clocking: Most of the affiliate tracking links are ugly and using a Link Clocking technique, you can turn ugly looking links into human readable links.

Custom coupons: Many Programs let affiliates create a custom coupon, which is also used to track sales. Also, custom discount coupons help you to increase affiliate sales.

What you Need to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

We have shared all High Paying Affiliate Programs to Earn Money $$$$ through affiliate marketing but first, let’s take those baby steps which will help you to get the basics right.

Promotion Channel

I would have talked first about the product, but realize it is more important to talk about promotion channel first. You can promote any product on various platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. What I prefer is and suggest to other; User blog for affiliate marketing. Promoting a product on your blog will help you to keep earning in a longer run, and moreover, you can make more money from your blog using various other methods. It is a good idea to learn about other techniques as I mentioned above, but the blog should be a part of your promotion channel. I have shared a link at the end for you to understand how you can use for promoting an affiliate product.

Picking the right product and marketplace

If you are one who likes to give value; I suggest you choose a product that you personal use or want to use. If not, you can always be a good critic and try a product to share your review and opinion. Most of the product in an online market have affiliate link associated with it. It can be any eBook, cheap web hosting and more. Make sure you select the best product based on your niche. Else you might get 1000+ clicks, but your conversion rates will be 0%.

Sales pitch

For selling any product, you need to create a sales pitch. The sales pitch can be in the form of a blog post or can be a static web page. Many companies provide you with a product landing page. Creating a sales pitch in simple words, you need to make your readers aware of what are they getting with their investment. The things which you need to keep in mind before selecting your product is, who is going to be your target audience, do you have any current target audience related to the same product, or you have to start from scratch. In both the cases, your strategy will be different.

Link Cloaking

One of the primary concern with Affiliate marketing is search engine ranking. Most of the affiliate marketers miss out on optimizing their blog to ensure their blog is SEO friendly. B, I have explained how Google treats affiliate links and do check the WordPress plugin solution Gocodes for clocking your affiliate link to make it look beautiful.

How to Select Best High Paying Affiliate Product for Your Blog

To be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to pick and promote the right product on your blog. 76% of newbie affiliate marketers’ fails to earn from affiliate marketing. Because they never pick the right product to promote.
Getting success in affiliate marketing is not easy, but itis not difficult too. You need to be persistent, consistent and have a proper marketing plan to be successful in affiliate marketing.

For example, what affiliate products you are selecting, what medium you are using to promote it. I always choose the product that I use for my day-to-day blogging and write tutorials, guides, which also helps in promoting the product I’m pitching.

Start with Affiliate Marketplace

The best place to start hunting for affiliate products is the marketplace. Now depending upon your niche, you can find best of the affiliate products to promote. Start joining hottest paying affiliate product in your niche from these marketplaces.

Now depending upon your niche, you can find best of the affiliate products to promote. For niche marketer, CJ, and Clickbank are highly recommended.

Join Affiliate program individually (Full List of High Paying)

Most of the online products have their in-house affiliate program. For example, Bluehost Affiliate Program. All you need to do is, find the hottest selling products in your niche. For example, if you run a Blog about SEO, you can try to find an affiliate program related to SEO Plugins or SEO Service. Find the products that are selling such products online, and on their Website, you will find the links to the affiliate program. Alternately

Alternatively, You can use this Google search hack to find the affiliate program:

“site:domain.com affiliate”.
“Product name + Affiliate Program.”

Ultimate List of High Paying Affiliate Marketing Site

Here I am going to list the Best High Paying Affiliate Program with which you can earn a Huge amount of money. If you have a good Organic Traffic, you can earn a lot from Affiliates. You need to make a good reputation in front of your reader. It’s a tradition that if you want to make money, you have to target your audience. This is done by Search Engine Optimisation for Keyword, good content, and doing right marketing. This will make our Blog more visible on Search Result. Even if you are inexperienced in Affiliate Marketing, more traffic will make you easy to earn hell lot from Affiliates.

Okay, come back! Let me list all the High Paying Affiliates Programs.

Before, I share the list, here are few things that you need to know:

  1. Get a PayPal account: Most of these affiliate programs offer payment via PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, Get one now.
  2. Your Product is not listed here: If you are using any particular premium WordPress product, and you don’t see the affiliate program overview in this list. Simply Google “Product Name + Affiliate program” in Google search, and you will find the details of affiliate Program for that product.
  3. Join All: Joining all these affiliate programs is easy, and free. I suggest you join all and get on their mailing list. These ways, you will receive latest coupon codes, promotional matter, and another useful insight about the product. You may not be promoting all the products, but the affiliate promotion information you will get via these Emailers will be of top-notch.

So, let’s get on with our list, and find out some of the popular affiliate programs, which you can promote on your blog for handsome income.

WordPress Theme Affiliate Programs

There are tons of WordPress premium theme affiliate programs out there. You can make a Handsome Money if you have a Blogging Niche site. I Recommend you to use these only on WordPress Niche Site.

Elegant Themes Affiliate program

Elegant Themes Affiliate Program is one of the best Profitable Affiliate programs for the WordPress Bloggers. The reason for good conversion of their products is because of Low Price. They only charge $39 for 86 Premium Themes with different categories. Moreover, they update their themes regularly with all the latest features. Unlike many other companies, Elegant Themes also pay out commissions on yearly renewals. This means that you will continue making money each year as customers pay their annual renewal fees to keep using Elegant Themes.

Here are the essential features of their program:

  • You earn 50% off each sale
  • You will get a commission for yearly renewal (Lifetime affiliate)
  • Payout via PayPal

Join Elegant Themes Affiliate Program

StudioPress Affiliate program

Genesis by Studiopress is one of the Top level WordPress Theme Maker which is run by the members of CopyBlogger.com. Genesis is priced on the higher side and is used by professional bloggers or serious online businesses.

The StudioPress affiliate program will reward you for sales you refer on the Genesis Framework, a StudioPress theme, or turnkey StudioPress Sites. All you need to do is join the program and share your recommendation with your unique link – they will take care of the rest!

1. Apply

Sign up for a ShareASale affiliate account and apply for our affiliate program in one step by filling out the application here. (If you already have a ShareASale account use the same link to apply to our program.)

2. Acceptance

Once you receive your approval email from StudioPress, welcoming you to the StudioPress affiliate program, please review their “Program Terms & Conditions” via your ShareASale dashboard.

3. Linking and Banners

You can link to us using text links or banners. Once you have selected a product you want to promote, you can copy and paste the code into your website or blog.

Join StudioPress Affiliate Program

Thrive Themes Affiliate program

Thrive Themes provide extremely High-Quality Products. If you know the tricks to promote, you get a Big Commission out there. They keep releasing new, amazing products and you can earn commissions from previously referred leads and customers, even if you don’t promote every product they release individually.

Also, you will see longer term conversions from customers to members. Customers who initially buy just one product see the value in the membership growing steadily, and they offer them occasional deals to further boost conversions.

Thrive Themes Affiliate Program

ClickBank Affiliate program

ClickBank is one of the Oldest and Top Class Affiliate Marketing Site out there. Countless categories are available, and you need to choose wisely, which program will be right for you for conversion. You will get the detailed of what commission they will pay for a particular product. Joining ClickBank is quite easy, just Sign Up, and you will have a ClickBank Nickname. For each Affiliate Link, you can provide your tracking ID.

Some of the Top Categories of ClickBank are:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting systems
  • Business / Investing
  • Computers / internet
  • Cooking, food & wine
  • E-business & E-marketing
  • Education
  • Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Games
  • Green products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Garden
  • Languages
  • Mobile
  • Parenting & families
  • Politics / current events
  • Reference
  • Self-help
  • Software & services
  • Spirituality, new age & alternative beliefs
  • Sports
  • Travel

Join ClickBank Affiliate Program

ShareASale Affiliate Marketplace

ShareASale was started in 2000, and it is very popular for marketers to launch an Affiliate Programs of their products. Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers can join this program to earn Handsome Bucks by promoting their various products. Once you sign up, it will take 1-2 days to get approved.

Join ShareASale Affiliate Program

Viglink Affiliate Program

By identifying commercial products mentioned within a publisher’s content, VigLink automatically transforms those terms into revenue generating hyperlinks whose destinations are determined in real-time, advertiser-bid auctions.

All you need to do is Sign Up and Simply add a Viglink snippet of code to your site (they will provide), and VigLink automatically turns existing links on your pages into revenue generating links. VigLink can also insert new links on relevant terms and phrases to capture purchase intent.

Join Viglink Affiliate Program

Maxbounty Affiliate Program

MaxBounty is an industry leading performance marketing network connecting trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with vetted high paying advertisers on a cost-per-action basis.

Join  Maxbounty Affiliate Program

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly is a Grammar Checker Tool which is used by most of the Pro Bloggers and Writers. I am using this from Last Five-year, and I can Say, Grammarly is Incredible. Grammarly Affiliates even pay for free Sign Up.


  • High conversion rates (20–30%)
  • $25 activation bonus (Place a banner and write a post to receive a $25 bonus)
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Extra generous 90-day cookie window
  • Regular performance incentives
  • World-class affiliate support
  • Commission Details

Commission Details

  • Free registration$0.20
  • Premium plan purchase$20

Join Grammarly Affiliate Program

Popular Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Now, there are many Webhosting companies that you can pick and join their affiliate programs. In most of the cases, joining Webhost affiliate program is free, and I will also share how you can find an affiliate program of any Webhosting. You can also use Affiliate marketplace like CJ, Clickbank to find many high-paying Web hosting affiliate programs. But, I prefer joining directly to any hosting affiliate.

Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Dreamhost is one of the top web hosting for WordPress, and they offer an affiliate program which you can use to make almost 97$/sale. To become a member of Dreamhost affiliate program, you don’t need to be a Dreamhost customer, and anyone can become an affiliate of Dreamhost.

Join Dreamhost Affiliate Program

HostGator Affiliate Program

Utilizing HostGator tools to create custom coupon codes and tracking links, you acquire new signups for HostGator services and then receive a commission of up to $125 per qualifying signup!

Join Dreamhost Affiliate Program

Signups per month:

1-5 ……………..$50 /signup
6-10 …………..$75 /signup
11-20 ………….$100 /signup
21+ …………….$125 /signup

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Promote GoDaddy on your site and make money when your visitors buy from your Affiliate Link! Choose from a wide selection of banner and text ads that fit your site.

  • Get paid by direct deposit or check.
  • No cost or minimum purchases – you have nothing to lose!

Join GoDaddy Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Refer visitors to Bluehost and earn commission for each sign-up. Signing up takes only a few minutes and is entirely free. You’ll receive a unique tracking code for use on your website right away.

There’s no cap on some commissions you can earn. Refer as many people as you’d like; they won’t ever hold you back.

Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

How Google Treats Affiliate Links For Search Engine Ranking

One of the primary concerns of most of the Affiliate marketer is dealing with affiliate links from SEO perspective. One major way to make sure your affiliate site grows and doesn’t get penalized due to affiliate links is by making sure you are adding value to your layer of content. An affiliate site should also be promoted and maintained like any other high-quality site.


I hope this idea to Affiliate Marketing, will help you to get started.

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